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    The equipment needed to configure the pellet rabbit manure organic fertilizer production line is: Turning machine - forklift feeder - new vertical pulverizer - drum type sieving machine - dynamic batching machine - double shaft continuous mixer – organic fertilizer granulator - throwing round Machine - dryer - cooler - coating machine - granule packing machine.

    Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. provides you with the best organic fertilizer machine https://m.hqhifertilizermachine.com/products/ solutions and the most favorable prices. Organic fertilizer production mainly includes organic fertilizer granulation equipment, organic fertilizer mixing equipment, drying and cooling equipment, etc. The organic fertilizer granulation equipment mainly includes a pair of roller press granulator https://m.hqhifertilizermachine.com/products/fertilizer-granulator-machine-series/roller-press-granulator.html , rotary drum granulator, organic fertilizer two-in-one granulator machine and so on.

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