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    With the development of environmental protection and organic agriculture, the use of organic waste to produce organic fertilizer through bio-organic fertilizer production https://www.zzhqhi.com/production-line/bio-organic-fertilizer-production-line.html has been rapidly developed.In this case, a new type organic fertilizer production line https://www.zzhqhi.com/production-line/bio-organic-fertilizer-production-line.html came into being.
    In organic fertilizer granulating production line, double roller granulator will be used for fertilizer granulating machine; as for, npk manufacturing process https://www.zzhqhi.com/production-line/npk-compound-fertilizer-production-line.html , rotary drum granulator machine will be used in NPK fertilizer production line https://www.zzhqhi.com/production-line/npk-compound-fertilizer-production-line.html ; bb fertilizer production line without organic fertilizer granulator machine.

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